Debut: ‘Pardoño 2005’ was tasted before being launched on the market

Navarioja presented its most recent production at an event organised by the Asociación de Bodegas Familiares de Rioja (PROVIR)

Navarioja was one of the outstanding wineries at the ‘Presentation of Young Riojas’ by PROVIR. The event enjoyed the collaboration of the Department of Agriculture and Economic Development of la Rioja, and about thirty wineries attended the event at the Palacio de Congresos of Logroño.

Navarioja took to the presentation its Pardoño 2005, a high class red in which variety predominates, blended with a little Mazuelo and Graciano. “This has been a spectacular vintage year, and much can be expected of the wines”, commented Gorka Troya, the enologist responsible for the winery.  The Crianza of the same brand (Pardoño Crianza 2001) won the bronze medal at the ‘Challenge International du Vin 2005’.

The presentation organised by PROVIR this year reached its ninth edition. The event was aimed both at the professionals of the sector and at the communications media and enthusiasts. These wines being quite well adapted to the palate of the young public, there was widespread participation by the new generations of consumers.

Bodegas Navarioja
IX Presentation of New Riojas 2005
Palacio de Congresos – RIOJAFORUM (Logroño)
2 March, at 19.00h

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