The operators control the quality of the grape from the vineyard, already choosing the best bunches. This is a process which, once in the winery, is completed on the selection table.

For destemming we use a stemmer-grape mill with stainless steel adjustable rollers. The grapes reach the tanks by means of gravity without the use of pumps. The cellar has a vertical hydraulic press, with electronic pressure control, for pressing the pomace.

Fermentation and maceration are carried out in stainless steel tanks for approximately 25 days (depending on the variety) and at a temperature – automatically controlled – of between 26 and 28 ºC. 

The malolactic fermentation takes place in the same tanks, where the wines remain during about 2 months. 

Aging of the wine takes place in Bordeaux barrels of French (80%) and American oak.  The barrels are kept in an acclimatised aisle where strict controls are maintained over the temperature and humidity.  We are acquiring barrels manufactured by the most prestigious coopers in the world.


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