At the beginning of the last century, the Pardo Ordóñez family founded a small winery in the village of Andosilla in Navarra.

Today, and since 1999, Bodegas Navarioja is run by the third generation descended from those pioneers – José Maria Pardo Ordóñez and family – and possesses 100 hectares of its own vineyards.

The efforts of our family, and the desire to transmit the best of what we have inherited from the traditions of our ancestors, have given rise to a viticultural project based on the production of high quality wines that express the virtues of the land in which they originate.

We wish to produce wines from the land, noble and modern, making the most of the excellent characteristics of the soils and the particular climatic conditions of our surroundings.

The knowledge of the ancient and noble lands, combined with enological knowledge and the assistance of modern technology, make possible wines which are worthy of respect from good wine enthusiasts both inside and outside Spain.

The basic principles of Bodegas Navarioja are derived from this philosophy:

  • Ownership and control of quality vineyards.
  • Application of modern technologies both in the vineyard and in the winery.
  • Expert local professional enologists. 
  • Clean financial resources, with 100% Spanish capital.
  • Professionalism in all aspects of the business.

And all of this with one sole objective: The production of quality wines.

An objective that, in the near future, will be fulfilled with the production of 100,000 bottles of Crianza wine and 10,000 bottles of Reserva.

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