The soils
Our vineyards are situated in stony, sandy areas, poor in organic matter and with scarce precipitation. All this facilitates the obtaining of quality grapes thanks to the excellent drainage of water during the summer season.

The climate
Continental-Mediterranean, with a considerable temperature difference between day and night (approximately 20-25ºC) which allows for the production of wines of excellent colour and very apt for prolonged aging.

The limited precipitation together with the wind allows us to produce very healthy grapes. 

The fields
The winery has its own fields – up to a total of 100 ha – of which 25 are planted with younger vines and the other 75 with vines of more than 30 years of age. The plots are situated on the slopes of the foothills or passes which stand guard over the valleys eroded by the rivers Ega and Arga.

The varieties
The reds are Tempranillo (70 %), Grenache (15 %), Graciano (10 %) and Mazuelo (5%). The Tempranillo variety is looked after with great care, both for its great potential for development in this area and, of course, for the quality of its fruits.

Cultivation Methods
Following tradition and experience, the main system of training is that of the goblet, although we are also experimenting with trellises.  The reason for using the goblet system is to obtain grapes which are exposed but covered from the high solar radiation of the area, as well as to obtain low yields and thus achieve more specific aromas and a better structure in the wines.  

The grape and its harvest
Given the need for high quality raw material which Bodegas Navarioja requires, and in spite of possessing its own vineyards, it also collaborates with the best grape producers of the zone.  These viticulturalists have been selected for the excellent quality of their grapes and for being willing, moreover, to carry out the cultivation of the vines in the style that our specialists consider appropriate. Fertilisation, treatments and watering are therefore limited, excess bunches are removed before ripening, harvesting is done by hand, in 18 kg boxes, by their own employees, always with the aim of obtaining fruits of maximum quality.

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